Maintaining Balance at Christmas


Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time of year is generally a crazy, busy, fun, and exhausting time, often resulting in late nights and over-indulging. Maintaining balance at Christmas time can be tough! So here are our favourite five tips from BodyICE HQ to help you stay on track:


Make sure you still get your rest. If you have lots of late nights planned, try and set aside some time for a “nanna nap”, or try and keep a few nights free each week where you can head off to bed early.


Food, food, glorious food! It’s great to enjoy your favourite foods, snacks or extra glasses of festive cheer at this time of year, but make sure you balance this out with lots of seasonal fruits, salads and high protein dishes to keep your energy levels strong. Check out our blogs at bodyice for some seasonal recipe inspo.


Keep hydrated! An easy way to ensure you are consuming enough water is to have a glass first thing in the morning, keep a drink bottle with you throughout the day, and drink more water before heading off to bed. If you’re prone to forgetting, try setting an alarm at regular intervals to help you stay on track.


Enjoy the great outdoors. With the weather warming up, now is a great time to enjoy your favourite outdoor activity. A walk on the beach, a bike ride through the park or a swim at your local pool – whatever your favourite activity is get out there and do it!


Try to avoid unnecessary stress by planning ahead. Try making a list of the things you need to do for Christmas early: for example, shopping, food planning and preparation, presents, decorations or travel arrangements. Don’t leave everything to the last minute!

What are your tips for maintaining balance during the festive season? Comment below!