Cold Therapy

Fill the Body Ice Bag 2/3 full with cubes or crushed ice. Secure the cap on tightly. Place the lid of the ice bag through the center hole in the neoprene. Place the ice bag on the area to be treated and fix the neoprene wrap to a comfortable level of compression using the Velcro straps. Apply Body Ice for no longer than 20 minutes at a time, 4 to 8 times per day or as required. Do not place ice bag in the freezer.

The initial treatment for an injury at the acute stage is followed by the acronym RICE.

R = Rest. Stay off the injured area.
I = Ice. Apply cold therapy.
C = Compression. Compress the injure area with Body Ice wrap.
E = Elevation. Keep injury in a raised position.

Heat Therapy

Use Body Ice for soothing heat therapy to help relax tight or spasmed muscles and stimulate blood flow. Simply fill the bag 2/3 full with hot tap water, secure the lid tightly and apply as above. Heat should not be applied to acute injuries showing signs of swelling and inflammation. Do not use boiling water.

Care & Storage

Drain the water from ice bag and air dry before securing the lid. Clean the neoprene wrap by hand wash in warm soapy water and air dry.