Christmas Trail Mix – Heidi Sze


Dietitian and Blogger, Heidi Sze, shares her delicious, wholesome, homemade Christmas gift recipe.

I decided to make fancy trail mix for gifts this year, which explains the picture at the top of this post. I wanted something that people could munch on that was a lighter alternative to all the baked goods on offer during this time. It could be a car/plane trip snack, or sit in handbags for those peckish moments. Or obviously it can be used as hiking fuel too! Anyway, here’s the recipe mix, in case you feel like doing it too.

Christmas Trail Mix

Dried Mulberries
Dried Figs, quartered
Dried Cranberries
Dried Bananas
Spelt Puffs
Sunflower Seeds
Coconut Flakes

Method: toast the seeds and coconut in a skillet over low heat until toasty/golden/fragrant/perfect. Once cooled completely, add them to a jar with the remaining ingredients, portioned out as you wish.

Notes: As I said above, select preservative-free fruit and ones that don’t have vegetable oil coatings.  Apricots should be brown! (not that I used apricots here, they were a little pricey for me to use in this mix, so I keep them for a rare treat). I visit bulk health food shops and load up there. Or you can get a dehydrator and dry them yourself! Mum recently got me one from the op shop and I plan on making fruit leathers this stone fruit season. You can absolutely add whatever you’d to your trail mix. I think almond flakes, toasted, and walnuts would be stellar additions. I would have added them if I had them on hand. Cacao nibs would work too. Chocolate chunks may sadly melt. Whichever way you go, keep it fun and fancy, adding things you may not normally treat yourself to and that aren’t everyday foods, you know? Sultanas, no thank you. Mulberries, yes!

by Heidi Sze – Dietitian & Nutritionist. Recipe Blog Gather & Grow Nutrition