Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Want To Eat


It’s 3:30pm. Your kids fall into the car – tired, annoyed and cranky. “I’m starving!” seems to be the new ‘Hi Mum’. You get home, unpack their bags and find a full lunchbox. Does this sound familiar?

We know skipping meals is bad for us, and it is especially so for children. When kids don’t eat lunch they are more likely to crave and binge on junk food as well as risk nutrient deficiencies linked to fatigue and poor mental function.

Here are some healthy lunch ideas your kids will want to eat that are NOT sandwiches.



A quesadilla is a tortilla wrap filled with ingredients and then toasted flat.

We fill ours with grated cheese, corn, avocado, spinach leaves, chicken and tomato salsa. Add all ingredients to one half of the wrap, then fold the other side over to form a semi-circle. Add to a hot non-stick frying pan until golden underneath. Flip it over and cook the other side until golden. Cut into wedges, allow to cool and add to the lunchbox!



Asian noodle salad


Cook fresh hokkein noodles as per directions on packet. Thinly slice carrot, snow peas and red capsicum and chop up fresh coriander and mint. Mix all ingredients together and add some shredded roast chicken or cooked prawns for some extra protein. Add dressing made of equal parts lime juice, salt reduced soy sauce and sugar-free sweet chili sauce.




Combine lamb mince with grated onion, cumin, chopped fresh parsley, breadcrumbs and oregano until well combined. Season with salt and pepper. Form small ball shapes and bake in the oven until cooked through. Serve with a side of homemade sauce – combination of natural Greek yogurt, chopped fresh mint, grated cucumber, salt and lemon juice.




Soften rice paper wrapper as per directions on the packet. Fill each one with smashed avocado, shredded iceberg lettuce, been shoots, grated carrot and cucumber sticks. You can also add in shredded chicken or salmon. Wrap up and chill. Serve with a little bit of low-sodium soy sauce.




Cook brown rice according to packet instructions. In a non-stick frying pan add coconut oil, diced onion and crushed garlic, cooking until onion has softened. Add to rice mixture and allow to cool. Once cool to touch, add flaked salmon (canned or freshly baked), grated tasty cheese, flour, egg, salt, pepper and herbs. Mix well, shape into patties and place onto a tray lined with baking paper. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm. Cook patties in a non-stick frypan with coconut oil until golden on each side. Grilled eggplant is a tasty alternative to salmon to change it up!

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by Serena Galante – Health, Wellness & Nutrition